Media Coaching – Presence 360°



Do you want to have a memorable positive impact on people you meet?

Do you want to be able to talk to anyone, anywhere no matter what their position and deliver your message with clarity and charisma?

Do you want to create powerful conversations that deliver thought-provoking content and value?

 Media Coaching using Mai El Khalifa’s Presence 360°   is the perfect solution for you!

Presence 360° is offered in Dubai. It is for anyone that wants to make a powerful impact in today’s global world, where knowledge and experience alone are not sufficient to get you where you want to be .

Presence 360°enables you to learn the vital techniques used by world-renowned top speakers and communicators delivering powerful messages

Presence 360°course is delivered by a media expert with strong TV training skills and the accredited coaching techniques from both the NeuroLeadership Institute and The Coaching Training Institute.

In 5 sessions you will learn:

  • STAGE PRESENCE – How to create rapport in conversations or when speaking to a group
  • STYLE – How to get the right posture for executive presence
  • ACTIONS & ATTITUDES – How to listen and talk for impactful conversations
  • SPEAK UP – How to use your voice effectively and powerfully communicate
  • ON-AIR – on-camera experience presenting to put it all together




Mai El- Khalifa is an accredited executive coach and a media-coaching expert with 20 years’ experience in the world of television. She has trained TV presenters on content, delivery and style on a myriad of different genre shows. She is serious about the importance developing the right presence skills for success whether it be in a TV show or a boardroom!

Presence 360° is offered on a one to one basis and tailor-made for corporate as a workshop in Dubai, UAE

For more information on Presence 360° please email quoting P360