Growth in career is important for every individual who wants to achieve success in life. If you are not growing as a professional, you will lead yourself to a situation where you would start developing job insecurity. Your inability to help yourself and your company to make progress will start giving you stress and anxiety. So, it is essential that you keep yourself updated and learn news kills that are important to survive and grow in today’s highly competitive corporate world.

Media Coaching

But the big question is- how do you grow? Is there a magic wand that willtransform your personality with just a “whoosh”? No!You grow by learning. Learning is never enough. Your current skill set might be good in present business settings but may not be good enough in near future. This is why there are coaching programs and workshops that are designed to help you learn exactly what you need to make yourself competent in your present and future. Let us understand these programs and workshops in brief:-

Executive Coaching Programs

The Executive Coaching programs facilitate career advancement. They provide you a strong and effective platform to be proactive in your career path. In these programs, you get to know about the tools, interpersonal skills and mindset required for goal attainment and growth.

You get to learn how you can align your goals with your business or organization so that not onlyyou benefit with the progress, but your company as well. You become more confident in taking new responsibilities in your current role and accelerate your promotion.

Media Coaching Programs

The Media Coaching Programs basically focus on improving your communication skills.When you become a part of these programs, you are able to learn how to leave a memorable positive impact on people you meet.You would be able to talk to anyone, anywhere regardless of their positions in the company and deliver your messages with absolute clarity and charisma.

Self Development Workshops

Self Development Work shops teach you intrinsic media and communication skills. The objective of these workshops is to help you strengthen the under standing of your abilities and knowledge. You will learn how to achieve spectacular results that can double your income. You become a better decision maker and only go for the choices that drive your life forward. Apart from this, you achieve spiritual fulfillment and emotional peace. In these workshops,you are able to:-

  • Take 100% responsibility.
  • Overcoming stage fright.
  • Develop the right attitude and actions.
  • Impactful listening and question techniques.
  • Build true leadership presence.
  • Develop TV presenting rapport.
  • Be clear on your purpose.
  • Develop clarity in your thoughts.

Mai El Khalifa has two decades of experience in the world of television and she knows the importance of achieving competitive presence through tools. She has conducted many coaching programs and workshops to help individuals increase their strength and excel in career.

Enroll in the programs and benefit with them.

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