What is coaching? I often get asked this question and frankly before I started my coaching journey I had the completely wrong idea on what coaching was. I thought that from my expertise managing a multi-cultural and diverse team in television production, I had all the answers to get better at my career and tell my team how to get better at what they do. That may be a successful approach, but only in the short run. After my coaching journey I realized one thing, that if I had hired an executive coach early on in my career, I would have accelerated career at a much quicker pace. And so, that is why I developed the Executive Coaching Program, which hones in both my extensive management expertise and certified coaching credentials from the Neuroleadership Institute and The Coaches Training Institute.

Coaching develops individuals to take ownership and accountability of their career and life, setting strategic actions that promote inner-self and business growth. It focuses on setting the bigger strategic challenges, building a clear road map, know when a gear change is needed and drive with focus and clarity to reach the desired goals. The process creates sustainable business growth and an inner blueprint for an individual’s success.

In businesses, coaching helps leaders build a culture of clear communication that fosters the trust and the corporation needed for business growth. It is aimed at developing the capabilities, and not at fixing toxic behaviors.

Media Coaching- Presence 360° ℠ and Executive Coaching –The Executive Coaching Program℠ offered in Dubai at maielkhalifa.com is for business growth and accelerated results in many areas of development such as; Lead Change Management. Communication and Listening skills. Time Management. Conflict Management. Goal Attainment. High performance culture.

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