Many times you will find workshops for one thing or another being advertised. But how do you know which workshop to go to and which one not to? What are some of the things that make a great workshop? Well there are definitely certain things that will make it a great experience. Here are the 6 characteristics of great workshops to consider:

  • The Facilitator needs to Understand His or Her Role – Whether they are media workshops Dubai or some other type of workshop, the focus needs to be on building a basic understanding of the topic, teaching the key concepts and offering opportunity to practice some of the skills useful to this particular topic. A good facilitator will take the topic and break it down so that it is useful and easy to understand for participants.  It is important for the facilitators to understand their role and know what they are doing.
  • A Limited Topic – When the topic is too broad chances are that a lot will fall to the wayside.  If you are looking at media workshops Dubai for example there should be a main topic and 3 to 4 key skills that the facilitator will be focusing on during the workshop.  By the time you leave the workshop you should feel that you have these skills down pat. You should leave empowered not overwhelmed.
  • Organization – A good workshop should be well organized in flow and presentation.  One skill or understanding should lay a foundation for the next.  As a participant you should be able to follow what the facilitator is saying easily.  To make this easy, handouts and slides should be part of the workshop to keep you focused and allow you to follow easily.  The facilitator should also take visual learners into consideration and ensure graphic representation as well.
  • Challenges and Solutions – A good facilitator will present problems and then show you how the skills you are learning can help resolve the problems.  It is important to have a workshop tailor made for your needs so if you can find something in your niche that will be great. Other workshops such as one on negotiation skills and presentation skills cut across the board so you will find a mixed group of people in such workshops.  This is great since there is something that you can learn from everybody.
  • Fun – Nobody wants to sit in a workshop that is no fun.  A great workshop is one that incorporates a good time with the learning. The facilitator should have a conversational style and seek to connect with the group.  Anecdotes and stories that illustrate and drive home the point can be very effective.  Concrete examples do a great job of giving experiences that participants can relate with and also create interest.
  • Practice – Finally, a good workshop will give opportunity to participants to reflect on what they have learned, apply it and practice it too with educational games for an experiential workshop. During this time you and other participants can interact and share ideas so that you can go home with some low hanging fruit of changes that you can make.

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