Media and Executive Coaching by a TV expert

In today’s fast growing global world, to be successful you are required, more than ever before, to develop and have greater individual presence. No matter what you know! The key is to deliver it with impact.

Knowledge is 20%

How you communicate is 80%

Build Clarity, Confidence and Learn to Talk to Anyone, Anywhere with Powerful Presence

The Media and Executive Coaching Program

Executive Media Coaching with Presence 360° ℠ is for you. Mai El khalifa brings 20 years of solid experience in business and media and together with certified coaching credentials that will teach you skills to progress your career and have impactful presence anywhere you go and  SPEAK UP!

The Executive Media Coaching Program is a tailor- made program for executives wishing to make an impact in their career and life. The program offers the coaching tools to build your interpersonal skills and develop a mindset for progress with techniques on how to make a powerful impact as you present yourself.

Let’s face it, throughout my career we have always seen the people in the room who are able to present themselves in a clear, confident and powerful manner are those that are able to create a positive lasting memory on others.

Ultimately success begins with two main factors:-

Internal Clarity and Confidence – This knowledge of knowing exactly what you want! Outlining goals and setting strategies to achieve them transforms your clarity into passion and ultimately confidence.

Speaking up – Learning the right techniques helps you speak up and master your powerful presence, which is crucial in today’s world. Knowledge alone does not make you shine visibly!
Most people going to self-development programs work on this or the other, however combining the two together transforms individuals to a new level!

As leader, entrepreneur or a manager taking this program will help you accelerate your career, or set powerful goals for your business growth, the scientifically proven brain based coaching method will teach you the tools needed for goal attainment and ultimate success.

The Executive and Media Coaching Program in Dubai is a coaching series that is process focused and outcome driven based on the neuroscience of how our human brains work successfully. The series is structured and focuses on firmly setting and achieving your objectives through building powerful strategies and actions.

The program enables you to learn the presentation techniques used by top speakers and communicators to deliver powerful messages and make an impact whether you are in the boardroom or a pitching an idea!

The Executive and Media Coaching Program is offered as a series of 12 sessions.
Learning results gained are :

  • An increased sustainable capacity to set and achieve goals with clarity, focus and positiveaction.
  • Research based exercises, on-camera TV skills,stage presence, actions, attitudes and style.
  • Coaching methods to bring your best individual self forward and build confidence

Mai El Khalifa is anexecutive coach, trained journalist who has edited, produced, and developed shows for broadcast media

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