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Leaders in today’s fast growing global world, are required, more than ever before, to develop and implement greater outcomes with creative and innovative solutions. Development through intrinsic media techniques and executive coaching builds multi-level decision-making and evolutionary learning.

Media and Executive Coaching for Accelerated Results!


"Go after what it is that creates meaning in your life, and trust yourself to handle the challenges that follow"

What makes me qualified to be your Media and Executive Coach?

Well that question is based strictly on your needs matched with my expertise. There are many coaches out there that bring their programs and services in. You want an coach who coaches with ROI. I bring 20 years of solid experience in business, media, management, education and training. I am an expert in effective communication and I coach with a certified brain-based methodology that is well researched to generate ROI for my clients.

So, if you want to generate results in business, communication, presentation and leadership training for transformational development, then I am expert for you.

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Here's where Mai has made a difference.

Leadership manifests in projecting your expertise respectfully with clarity, embracing change with agility, and clear focus.

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