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In today’s fast growing global world, to be successful you are required, more than ever before, to develop and have greater individual presence. No matter what you know! the key is to deliver it with impact.

Knowledge is 20% and how you communicate is 80% !

Presence 360°

Learn to Talk to Anyone, Anywhere with Powerful Presence


"Go after what it is that creates meaning in your life, and trust yourself to handle the challenges that follow"

What makes me qualified to be your Executive Media Coach?

Want to unleash the Master Communicator within You?

Want to find your Own Unique Voice?

Want to generate Results in Business?

Executive Media Coaching with Presence 360° ℠ is for you. Mai El khalifa brings 20 years of solid experience in business and media and together with certified coaching credentials that will teach you skills to progress your career and have impactful presence anywhere you go and  SPEAK UP!

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Leadership manifests in projecting your expertise respectfully with clarity, embracing change with agility, and clear focus.

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